Hate Crime.jpg

Ignore them.  Keep living.  The world needs your breath.

Don’t give them the pleasure of causing your death.

The world’s full of haters: yes, that much is clear,

But the thing that annoys them is seeing us here,

So don’t check out now, please.  Stay here.  Don’t give in.

Let’s keep on annoying them.  Don’t let them win.


Yes, I know that they’ve hurt you, and we’re hurting too,

To see how they took out their anger on you:

They’ve ripped you to shreds and they’ve trashed all your days,

And you’re stuck back together in very strange ways.

There’s no way to go back and undo the harm,

But your crazy new shape has its own kind of charm.


The journey is long but you’ve travelled so far,

Fought so many fears to become who you are:

And yes, you’re amazing.  You’ll say it’s not true,

But there’s someone out there who’s inspired by you.

There’s someone who sees you and loves what they see,

And thinks, ‘Hey, one day maybe that will be me!’



It’s OK to admit that you don’t feel OK,

It’s OK not to wash all the dishes today,

It’s OK to sigh deeply and go back to bed

When you can’t get away from the thoughts in your head;

But what isn’t OK is to quit on us now:

Resolve to keep going, and soon you’ll learn how.


The kids of the future will look back, bemused

At the way human beings were once so abused

For being themselves and for living their lives;

They’ll admire the way that the spirit survives.

So come on.  We’ve got this.  The haters can’t win.

Keep hanging on in there.  Don’t ever give in.